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SureFit Torquay Summer Bootcamp

See the Sea Change

Got to love our Coastal 12 Week Summer Bootcamp:

3 x 45min sessions per week, 3 different weekly locations (In central Torquay), a truckload of brand new equipment, specially designed outdoor sessions to lap up the sun, the beach and the summer to give you amazing fitness, heaps of Vitamin D and a super good time!


We run our sessions:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00am (45mins)
from November 13th - February 9th 2017/18 (with just over a weeks break for Christmas and New Years).


With two different Sign Up options;

The whole summer for just $245 - unlimited access to 36 sessions throughout the summer.


Month-to-month for $95 per Month, giving you unlimited monthly access to all 3 weekly sessions

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE NOV 27th from 8:00am
Come and join the action - Get fitter, stronger, faster than ever before

Boasting a huge group training timetable with unlimited access to 33+ weekly specialised sessions;

Burn: our HIIT hybrid session, that is aimed to be a mix of resistance and cardio in high intensity bursts

Strength/Condition: our strength based session that focuses on technique and building strength and lean muscle

Endure: our steady state, longer effort cardio session, this is where we really take people’s

fitness levels to a whole other world. 

All of our group training can be scaled up or down to any fitness level.

Black Friday Nov 27th gives new clients their first unlimited month for just $99 or access to massively discounted bulk purchase memberships of 3, 6 or 9 months at up to 45% off regular monthly prices 

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63 West Fyans St, Newtown - 5mins from Geelong CBD   /   0432 044 663   /

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